Verde Restaurant

Naming, Interior and light design
Our recent project in Moscow — Verde Restaurant.
Located in the historic district of Moscow, in a neoclassical building, Verde absorbed the spirit and aesthetic background of the place — elegant and discreet.

A small space was decided to be made calm, chambered and not overloaded with details, using noble materials.
The color scheme corresponds to the name (Verde from the majority of Latin languages translates as "Green") — emerald and gold in the glossy surfaces of marble and mirrors, tactile, soft velvet furniture, deep matte gray on the walls and in the concrete floor.
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The hall is divided into three landing zones: a secluded sofa corner, a large marble table for companies and a central area with small glass tables. The brass-marble bar counter fences the hall from the open kitchen.
Materials in the project paid close attention - as the main motive in the interior there is a duo of marble-brass, reinforced in detail, decor and lighting elements.

The airy and transparent hall, looking out onto the street through a large window, is formed of color, material and reflections. The key element of the decor is a wall panel made of colored mirrors with an arched pattern, which is repeated in thin brass constructions and author's lamps, designed specifically for the institution.
Light design was made by Ample specialy for this project and manufactured in Saint Petersburg by Handle studio.
Photo (c) Handle Studio
Photo (c) Handle Studio
Photo (c) Handle Studio