The project of the guest house with movable cabins for Nothern Lights observation, is designed
to provide different types of activities and comfort for guests, hosts and animals all year round.
It focuses in environmental sustainability and consists in different ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. It also uses natural energy systems as geothermal acclimatization to reduce expenses.


Beauty clinic, Barcelona


Private smoker club, Barcelona

Taulat Apartments

Interior design for an apartments at Taulat street, Barcelona

Verde Restaurant

Interior design, furniture design, naming and branding of Verde restaurant, Moscow

Barco Bar

Interior design, furniture design, construction supervising, naming,
branding and kitchen concept for grill bar Barco

Bruc Аpartments

Interior of an apartment in Bruc street, Barcelona

Diputacio Аpartments

Interior of an apartment in Diputacio street, Barcelona

Macaroni Restaurant

Interior of Macaroni restaurant

Selfie Store

Furniture for Selfie Store, Barcelona


Benches, chairs and bed concept