Eixample Apartments

Interior project and construction supervising for an apartment in Eixample, Barcelona
Two bedroom apartment project in Eixample
area in Barcelona.
The apartment is situated in the center of Barcelona near to Rambla de Catalunya. The owner, is an ex banker worker, decided 5 years ago to come enjoy life in Barcelona! In the beginning the apartment had 70 square meters, it was a normal one bedroom apartment

We quickly realised that we could add a considerable amount of space by opening up the ceiling and therefore create space for a second loft style bedroom in the living room. What started as a 70 sqm one bedroom flat project ended up as a 100 sqm 2 bedroom flat overseeing the beautiful Barcelona.
The style chosen by owner is quite neutral and quiet. It is mixed with some particular details such as a set of 60's original tables that were bought in an antiquarian auction and tv support that was the housing part of a ship.
The apartment includes a terrace with views of Barcelona which is the best termination for the big window in

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