Interior design project, furniture design, naming, branding and kitchen concept for Barco grill and wine bar
In 2014 we were asked to make an interior
design project and a branding for a bar in a sea port city
So, we started from a name — Barco (ship in Spanish), which was perfectly corresponded with the area and a spirit of the city Novorossyisk‚ the biggest port in south of Russia
From the very beginning we were supervising all the construction process, measures, plans, material selection and other detail of the object
And after seven weeks of hard work
and construction we made it!
Inspired by Barcelona and its amazing combination of classical modernism and aesthetics of the port city, we moved these principles into the interior of Barco — created a composition of industrial textures and supplemented it with glitter mirror surfaces and classic decoration.
Space of the bar is divided into two areas —
first, main, with showcase windows, extended with the active use of mirror surfaces associated with the rhythm pattern of metallic shelvings and constructions for plants.
The main element of central area is six-meter mobile lighting construction that moves on the industrial tracks placed on the ceiling, providing the required distance for projection on the wall and slightly changing the configuration of the central landing zone.
In Barco we mixed almost
all of our favorite tricks:
a little bit of Catalan modernism, an abundance of industrial elements, natural materials, different textures of wood, leather, iron, concrete, mirror surfaces associated with the rhythm pattern of metallic shelving and constructions for plants, warm light and vintage treasures, which we collected over few months at flea markets of Barcelona, Lisbon and small towns of Catalonia.
In a small fireplace zone "captain's cabin" we put a big cabinet to showcase our "trophies" - porcelain and metal dishes, marine prints, vintage maps and pipes. Clock on the wall shows the time our favorite port cities — Novorossiysk, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, and from a small window you can observe what is happening in the bar, while remaining undetected.
Part of the furniture and lighting was brought by the Valencian factory Francisco Segarra and Barcelonian Dadra, specializing in industrial furniture and some designed and manufactured specifically for the project.
Branding for the project was made by our Graphic design partner — Sasha Sementsev
Barco project has been published
on many design blogs
Located on the shores of the Black Sea, the former Soviet port town of Novorossiysk isn't the most obvious candidate for a slick destination restaurant.
Tucked away in the port quarter of the Black Sea city of Novorossiysk, Russia, is the stunning new grill and wine bar Barco. The latest project from Barcelona-based design studio Ample, Barco is a masterclass in sophistication that incorporates references to sea travel and Catalonian modernism in a harmonious yet understated way.
Немного Испании в Новороссийске: ресторан Barco Bar & Grill
Barco — creative grill & wine bar opened in December 2014 on the Black Sea coast of Russia, in the Novorossiysk port city...

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